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29-31 August 2016 – Kaposvár, HUNGARY

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Paper ID : 1772
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Sectoral Analyses
Presenter: Dr. Mehmet Hasdemir
Session : 5C Çevre ve Tarım Ekonomisi

Agricultural Certification Programs Implemented inTurkey and the Extent of their Contributions to Environmental Sustainability
Türkiye’de Uygulanan Tarımsal Belgelendirme Programları ve Bu Programların Çevresel Sürdürülebilirliğe Olan Etkileri


The negative impacts of global-scale developments and consumption habits on the environment are increasing each day. In this context, studies are conducted worldwide by many institutions and non-governmental organizations to support environmental policies. Additionally, certification programs are being executed by conformity assessment bodies to mitigate the impacts of production processes on the environment. These management systems or certification programs are either used on a voluntary basis or made mandatory by company policy, national or international regulations. The certification programs were firstly started to be used in industry and service sectors and are currently being used in agriculture sector. The certification programs used in agriculture sector aim to ensure an environmentally-friendly agricultural production process and improve consumer trust and satisfaction. This study aims to address the extent to which implementation of ISO/IEC 17065 Standard based organic and good agricultural practices and GLOBALG.A.P. certification programs and ISO 14001 Management System Standard have contributed to environmental sustainability in Turkey.

JEL codes: Q15, Q57, L15

Hasdemir, Mehmet, Özkan, Füsun Zehra (2016). "Agricultural Certification Programs Implemented inTurkey and the Extent of their Contributions to Environmental Sustainability" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2016, pp.510-518, Kaposvár, HUNGARY.


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Session 5C: Çevre ve Tarım Ekonomisi

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