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Paper ID : 2240
Status   : Paper published
Language : Russian
Topic    : Central Asian Economies
Presenter: Ph.D. Candidate Asel Dzhailova
Session  : 2D Экономический рост

Economic Development of Kyrgyzstan in Context of Deepening Integration
Экономическое Развитие Кыргызстана в
Контексте Углубления Интеграции

Ph.D. Candidate Asel Dzhailova (Kyrgyz University of Economics, Kyrgyzstan)

The article examines the forms and features of the development of
integration processes and their impact on the macroeconomic development of
Kyrgyzstan. An assessment of the socio-economic development of Kyrgyzstan
within the EAEU is presented. Attention is focused on the positive trends
in improving the structure of the national economy, developing its priority
sectors and increasing the export and investment potential. Attention is
drawn to the features of the conjugation of the economic development of
Kyrgyzstan within the framework of the Chinese global project “The
Economic Belt of the Silk Road”. The features of trade, economic and
investment cooperation with China. results of the implementation of large
infrastructure projects. An assessment of macroeconomic development was
carried out and the possibilities for the development of the deep
integration of Central Asian countries in the fullest use of the economic
potential of Kyrgyzstan were identified. The forms, directions and
mechanisms of deepening trade, economic and humanitarian cooperation of
Kyrgyzstan with the countries of Central Asia are substantiated. 
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Session 2D: Экономический рост

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