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Language : Russian
Topic    : Regional Economies
Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalybek Choroev
Session  : 2D Экономический рост

Analysis and Modeling of Uneven Economic Growth of the Regions of the
Kyrgyz Republic in the New Conditions
Анализ и Моделирование Неравномерности
Экономического Роста Регионов
Кыргызской Республики в Новых Условиях

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalybek Choroev (Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Kyrgyzstan)

During the years of independence, the unevenness (asymmetry) of the
economic development of the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic sharply
increased, the multiple gap between the regions increased according to the
most important indicators of regional production, income level and poverty,
the quality of life of the population. Regions of the country vary
significantly in size, population size and density, level of economic
development, natural and climatic conditions, national and historical
features. All this causes significant differences in the needs of budget
financing and tax bases of individual regions. Smoothing economic asymmetry
is one of the most important issues of public administration. The core of
the research toolkit should be the economic and mathematical model of
economic growth in the region. In regional studies, the following factors
of economic growth can be identified: natural resources; labor resources;
main capital; volume of investment. In addition, new methods of overcoming
socio-economic asymmetry include working out the mechanism of effective
public-private partnership and everywhere to introduce long-term planning
for the development of the region's economy. The preservation and
development of the country as a state largely depends on the effective
regional policy implemented in the country.
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Session 2D: Экономический рост

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