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Registration FAQ

  1. Our paper has multiple authors. Does each author need to pay the registration fee?
  2. For papers with more than one author, at least one author (the presenting author) needs to be registered. Other authors need to register only if they are attending the conference.

  3. I want to attend the conference but will not be presenting a paper. Do I still need to pay the registration fee?
  4. Everybody who attends the conference must register. The registration fee covers expenses like meals, trips and publication of the conference proceedings book.

  5. I will be presenting two papers at the conference. Do I need to register twice?
  6. Yes, for each paper to be presented at the conference, at least one registration fee must be paid.

  7. My paper was accepted but I will not be able to attend the conference and present the paper. Do I still need to pay the registration fee?
  8. If you cannot attend the conference, then you must withdraw your paper so that it is not included in the conference program and the proceedings book.

  9. I am a presenting author. Can I pay the registration fee at the conference?
  10. No, then you will miss the registration deadline and your paper will not be included in the conference program.

  11. Does everyone have to pay the registration fee? Do you offer any grants?
  12. Everyone except the members of the scientific committee and advisory board has to pay the registration fee.

  13. I've sent the registration fee, but my registration page still shows me as unregistered. Is something wrong?
  14. We process payments once a week. If you have paid your registration fee more than a week ago, please contact us.

  15. What is your refund policy?
  16. No refunds are given on the registration fee after the paper is officially accepted. Current refund deadline is 9 May 2019.

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