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29-31 August 2016 – Kaposvár, HUNGARY

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Paper ID : 1774
Status : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic : Sectoral Analyses
Presenter: Ph.D. Candidate Hümeyra Tosun
Session : 5C Çevre ve Tarım Ekonomisi

The Effects of Recyling on Economy: The Case of Usage of Scrapped Tires in Construction Industry
Geri Dönüşümün Ekonomi Üzerine Etkileri, İnşaat Sektöründe Atık Lastik Kullanımı Örneği


Today, rapidly industrialization and an accompanying increase of the world population cause diminishing of the limited amount of natural resources. The purpose of this study is to examine the recycling applications in the construction industry and to investigate the contribution of scrapped tires to construction industry and national economy. The construction industry is one of the fields that has the largest raw material consumption. Due to the high demand for the construction materials recycling is often employed and provide a significant economic contribution. Today, scrapped tires both exist abundantly and are currently worthless wastes. This wastes not only pollute the environment but also cause negative effects on the human healthy. Because of this reason, old tires are either reduced to certain dimension or melted in the recycling plants. The new products that therefore emerges is added in to the hot mix asphalt and then used in highway constructions, which are a significant capital expenditure for the national economy. As a result of this study, it is reveal that recycling in the construction industry has very significant positive contribution to natural environment and the existing recycling resources are not well-utilized. Moreover, the applications that have been done so far provided significant contributions to the national economy. Consequently, recycling studies should be speeded up and governmental supports should be put into practice.

JEL codes: L74, O13

Tosun, Hümeyra, Fırat, Fatih Kürşat (2016). "The Effects of Recyling on Economy: The Case of Usage of Scrapped Tires in Construction Industry" in Proceedings of International Conference of Eurasian Economies 2016, pp.503-509, Kaposvár, HUNGARY.


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Session 5C: Çevre ve Tarım Ekonomisi

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