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10-12 July 2017 – Istanbul, TURKEY

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Paper ID : 1840
Status   : Paper published
Language : Turkish
Topic    : Natural Resources
Presenter: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elchin Suleymanov
Session  : 3C Kalkınma

Comparative Analysis of Budget Expenditures on Social Sphere in Russia,
Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan
Rusya, Kazakistan ve Azerbaycan'ın Devlet Bütçe Giderlerinde Sosyal
Harcamaların Karşılaştırmalı Analizi

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Elchin Suleymanov (Baku Engineering University, Azerbaijan)
Prof. Dr. Farhad Rahmanov (Azerbaijan State Economy University, Azerbaijan)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anar Eminov (Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University, Azerbaijan)

Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakhstan as Post-Soviet countries are known
fortheir oil-gas industry and its huge share in their economies.
Considering these mentioned points, these countries are supposed to be the
most relevant countries for common analysis. The role of social related
expenditures in the state budgets was examined throughout the years for all
three countries comparatively. By this analysis, it is targeted to define
the differences and similarities in budget structure of these countries.
Due to specific relevant structures and to resource-rich points, these
countries have different revenue and expenditure policies than other
post-soviet countries. These countries manage oil revenues to improve
social-economic conditions of the country. Accordance of increasing oil
revenues, education, health, and social defense expenditures as main social
expenditure types in these countries increased until recent oil price
shocks. Considering huge share of oil sector in these countries, it is
crucial to examine the impacts of recent decline of oil prices on social
expenditures in these countries. In this study, share of social related
expenditures in the budget of these countries are comparatively analyzed in
the period 1992 and 2015 years.
JEL codes: Q33, H75, E62

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Session 3C: Kalkınma

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